1. Name: Admiral (Retd) J S K Colombage
    Topic: Asymmetric Warfare at Sea: The Case of Sri Lanka.

  2. Name: Major General Boniface Perera
    Topic: Transformation of Retired Military Personnel into Economic Actors through Entrepreneurship as Post Military Career Choice: The Case of Sri Lanka Army.

  3. Name: Rear Admiral (Retd) Shemal Fernando
    Topic: Developing a Strategy for Winning Medals at Elite Competitions for Sri Lanka in Athletics.

  4. Name: Ms Liyanage Mahesha Nilupulie Sigera Nadugala
    Topic: Development of a Vaccine Candidate with a Broadly Reactive Neutralizing Immune Response against Dengue.

  5. Name: Ms UM Sapukotana
    Topic: Protecting ehealth information privacy: Towards a legal framework for Sri Lanka.

  6. Name: Surg RAdm (Retd) NELW Jayasekara
    Topic: A medical Leadership Competency Framework for Sri Lanka.

  7. Name: Ms M S Pallie
    Topic: Development of an Ayruvedic Pharmaceutical Preparation from Tragia Involucrata Linn (Welkahambiliya) and Evaluation of Its Efficacy and Safety on Hyperglycaemic Subjects.

  8. Name: Ms Buddhika Achini Ranasinghe
    Topic: Psychological Well-Being and Psycho-Social Consequences of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Peer Support.

  9. Name: Ms N Wedasinghe
    Topic: Bridging the Disability Digital Divide of Visually Impaired Community in Sri Lanka: a Framework to Overcome the Issues.

  10. Name: Mr JMW Premarathne
    Topic: Perceptions of Third-Party Logistics (3pl) Customers on Logistics Outsourcing in the 3pl Market in Sri Lanka.
  1. Name: Col L C R Jayasooriya
    Topic: Defining Sri Lanka’s War – A Comparative Study of JVP and LTTE Insurgencies 1971-2009.

  2. Name: Lt Col K P D N Chandrasena
    Topic: Security Challenges Faced by Sri Lanka as a Maritime Facilitator in the Indian Ocean Region.

  3. Name: LCdr S A C R Kulathunga
    Topic: Significance of Maritime Domain Awareness for Sri Lanka.

  4. Name: Lt Col G A D K G Ganegoda
    Topic: An Assessment of the Impact of Energy Security Competition on the Power balance in the Indian Ocean Region.

  5. Name: Mr M A Cassim
    Topic: The Changing Face of the Ealam Struggle: Post – LTTE Mobilization of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora.

  6. Name: Lt Col A Lankadeva
    Topic: Plugging Holes in the Border: A Case Study of Post 2009 Sri Lanka.

  7. Name: Brig C Ranaweera
    Topic: Hambanthota: Revival of maritime silk route, India’s defence concerns and its impact on Sri Lanka.

  8. Name: Col B K G M L Rodrigo
    Topic: Non-traditional threat. A comprehensive study to be done with regard to the training gives to military officers to perform against non-traditional threat.

  9. Name: Lt Col H V A Somaweera
    Topic: Role of Sri Lanka Army in Infrastructure Development at post conflict situation.

  10. Name: Wg Cdr P S Jayawickrama
    Topic: Public Perception on Violent Crime Trend. A case of Western Province of Sri Lanka.

  11. Name: Cdr D L S M Dias
    Topic: Resilience of a Nation to Face a Natural Disaster: The Effectiveness of Coping Mechanisms in Sri Lanka with Special Reference to Monsoonal Flood in Polonnaruwa District.

  12. Name: Mr H M T L Amunugama
    Topic: Problems Faced by the Medium Scale Private Security firms in Sri Lanka.

  13. Name: ASP R H S Masinghe
    Topic: Understanding the Child Abuse.

  14. Name: Lt Col Y H P Rangajeewa
    Topic: Asymmetric warfare in the Sri Lankan Context.

  15. Name: Lt Col Y A B M Yahampath
    Topic: Integrated mechanism for national security of Sri Lanka: A case study on post war security environment.

  16. Name: LCdr K D R Weerasekara
    Topic: Factors that impact, the Formulation of the Concept of Utility, in Defence Economics, in a Sri Lankan Context.

  17. Name: Col R W Ponnamperuma
    Topic: Successful Military Engagement in Defeating Insurgency in Sri Lanka from 1971 to 2015.

  18. Name: Wg Cdr P S Alexander
    Topic: Development of Sri Lanka as a Maritime Service Provider by Utilizing the Strategic Significance the Case of Hambantota Port.

  19. Name: SP M T T Ruwan Kumara
    Topic: Right to Information (RTI) ACT: A Case Study on Sri Lanka.

  20. Name: Maj K B Rathnayake
    Topic: Chinese Investments in Sri Lanka and Its Strategic Implications: A Case Study on Hambanthota International Port and Colombo International Financial City Centre.

  21. Name: Col A C Lamahewa
    Topic: The Nexus Between Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy and Crisis in the 1980’s.

  22. Name: Maj A K Kohona
    Topic: The Existing Military Retirement Process, Economic Stability and Self Satisfaction of Retired Military Personnel: With Non Commissioned Officers of Sri Lanka Singha Regiment.

  23. Name: Mr W K S Jayathilake
    Topic: Geo- Strategic Dimension of Indo-Sri Lanka Relation Since 1980S-The Way Forward.

  24. Name: Mr M A Fuard
    Topic: Significance of Maritime Intelligence and Surveillance in Sri Lanka.

  25. Name: Mr Mohamed Rishad
    Topic: Changing the Existing Constitution of Sri Lanka; Challenges to National Integration.

  26. Name: Maj M M C Mirahawatta
    Topic: Food Security and its impact on National Security of Sri Lanka.

  27. Name: Maj M A S C P Madarasinghe
    Topic: Geopolitics Implications of Tamil Nadu Politics Towards Sri Lanka.

  28. Name: Lt Col N P A Mendis
    Topic: Investigating the Possible Approaches of Employee Training Accomplishment in Peacetime Context to Find the Best Profitable Ways of Maintaining the Sri Lanka Army Against Downsizing the Existing Strength (Force), Which is a National Asset.
  1. Name: Sqn Ldr A V Wijekoon
    Topic: Peltier Cooler for Vehicles.

  2. Name: Maj H G L T Wijewantha
    Topic: Customized Military Map Projection for Sri Lanka Army. (Based on Standard 1: 50000 Maps and Real – time Aerial Images).

  3. Name: Mr M G kasheera Gamith
    Topic: Mobile Positioning System.

  4. Name: Maj NWPGP Indrajith
    Topic: Brain Controlled Autonomous Limbs.

Name: Capt L M H De Silva
Topic: The Techno Economic Feasibility for Introducing and Uninterrupted Power Supply System to the Remotely Operated Radio Station at Sri Lanka Navy.

  1. Name: Col K M S Kumara
    Topic: Water Treatment to improve the quality of drinking and waste water by remaining hardness and Trihalometnanes using iron White Park exchange and filtration.

  2. Name: LCdr (CE) T G N Pandikorala
    Topic: Scope Management of Medium to large Scale Construction Projects in Sri Lanka Navy.

  3. Name: ASP K T T D Abeywardena
    Topic: Motivation factors of Engineers in Private Sector Construction Industry in Sri Lanka.

  4. Name: Mrs W M V R D Edirisinghe
    Topic: Quantifying the Carbon Footprint in a Ready Mix Concrete Batching Plant.

  5. Name: Miss D D T Dasanayaka
    Topic: Factors influence in Time and cost Overruns in High Rise Buildings.
  1. Name: Mr D.N.E. Lakmal
    Topic: Determinants of customer acceptance and service continuation intention of the touch travel pass terminals with special reference to transportation industry in western province – Sri Lanka.

  2. Name: Mr H A A N Chaminda Prabath
    Topic: The impact of the role of the police in Sri Lanka in the context of human rights.

  3. Name: Major R A J K Ranasinghe RWP RSP
    Topic: A study of the factors that influences customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka.

  4. Name: Mr Nirosha Senadheera
    Topic: Factors influencing on increasing of three wheeler population in Negombo town.

  5. Name: Mr Sachintha Jayabandare
    Topic: Impact of interest rate volatility on profitability of state banks in Sri Lanka.

  6. Name: Wg Cdr H.R. Muthukumarana
    Topic: Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction at public sector modern trade enterprises in Colombo district.

  7. Name: Mr Yohan Fernando
    Topic: Effectiveness of the vocational training for prospectus of retired soldiers.

  8. Name: Captain (E) Maddm Piyathilaka
    Topic: The impact of occupational health and safety practices of employees on organizational performance.

  9. Name: Mr K.U.S. Alwis
    Topic: A study on motivation and job performance of academic staff of college of technology, Maradana.

  10. Name: Lt Col M D S N Manatunga
    Topic: Impact of job satisfaction on commitment of soldiers in Sri Lanka Army subjective to the aftermath of thirty years lasted terrorism.

  11. Name: Maj (Rtd) C D Ramnukkana
    Topic: Identifying factors causing cost overrun of hotel construction projects in Sri Lanka.

  12. Name: Major M J I Frenando
    Topic: The factors affecting desertion of soldiers in the Sri Lanka Army.

  13. Name: LCdr R M G Rathnayake
    Topic: Factors Affecting on Health and Safety Issues of Migrant and Local Workers in the Construction Industry of Port City Project.

  14. Name: Brig Shantha Hewage
    Topic: Retention of skilled middle – grade army officers in the service during the post war scenario.

  15. Name: Cdr W W W M I Perera
    Topic: Tobacco taxation and its impact on smoking prevalence in Sri Lanka.

  16. Name: Wing Commander P D T Rodrigo
    Topic: Factors affecting the drug addiction of teenagers in the city of Polonnaruwa.
  1. Name: LCdr (E) C Ekanayake
    Topic: ICT based solution for Sri Lanka paddy harvest cycle.

  2. Name: LCdr K G U K Gamage
    Topic: Evaluating E – Readiness of drivers for E – Application to mitigate road accidents in Sri Lanka.

  3. Name: Maj D C Rodrigo
    Topic: Impact of the integration of ‘electronic document and records management’ into Sri Lanka Army with the perspective of system effectiveness: study on electronic daily mail dispatch system in Sri Lanka Army.

  4. Name: Maj D L De Silva
    Topic: Study on cyber security concerns of social media networking in a Sri Lankan context.

  5. Name: Maj D S A Dolawatta
    Topic: E Government & ICT enabled government sector development of Sri Lanka: An evaluation of E Government initiative.

  6. Name: Mr J C De Silva
    Topic: Strategic plan for business recovery: SME sector inbound tour operators Dilemma in the digital landscape.

  7. Name: Ms H N Liyanage
    Topic: Impacts of excessive usage of social media networks on academic behavior of students of international schools in Colombo.

  8. Name: Ms K V D P weerasinghe
    Topic: Critical success factors for successful it projects in software industry – Sri Lanka.

  9. Name: DIG H.A.N.K. Damayantha Wijaya Sri
    Topic: Citizen’s acceptance of online services in Sri Lanka police study on police clearance online system.

  10. Name: Lieutenant Commander(C) J A U A Jayasekera
    Topic: Critical success factors for an e-government implementation for commercial whale and dolphin watching industry in Sri Lanka.

  11. Name: Commander (ND) BJJP Cooray
    Topic: Critically analyze the factor effecting for the e-learning initiative in the secondary education in Sri Lanka.

  12. Name: Mr L.K.M.K. Perera
    Topic: Identification of success factors for implementation of an E-government project in Employees’ trust fund board Sri Lanka.

  13. Name: Lieutenant Commander K G S N K. Ranjith
    Topic: Identification of effective factors to reduce transportation cost in Sri Lanka Navy and feasibility for viable e-solution.

  14. Name: Major K N P Kumarasinghe
    Topic: Customer reliability and validity of the e-services in Sri Lanka.

  15. Name: Major N G Kasthuriarachhi
    Topic: Analyzing the acceptability of the existing automated mailing system in Sri Lanka Army office environment.

  16. Name: Mr R.A.T Sameera Lakmal
    Topic: Modern solution for knowledge sharing and knowledge contribution in employee’s trust fund board.

  17. Name: Mr R.P. Pradeep Manjula
    Topic: Effectiveness of e customer service solution for the customers of employees’ trust fund board as the mean of social security.

  18. Name: Mr S.M. Pushpakumara
    Topic: Study of the critical success factors for business process re-engineering (BPR) in the employees’ trust fund board Sri Lanka.
  1. Name: Cdr H M P S B Hitinayaka
    Topic: Critical appraisal of effectiveness and efficiency of transportation system of Sri Lanka Navy.

  2. Name: LCdr M R I S Preethimal
    Topic: Impact of poaching on northern fishing communities in Sri Lanka due to Indian fishing trawlers.

  3. Name: Lt Col BDTD Jayarathne
    Topic: Impact of reverse logistics on sustainability in logistics services/process in Sri Lanka Army.

  4. Name: Maj D W V J Waduge
    Topic: Exploration of the ways of enhancing the procurement process: with special reference to 1st engineer services regiment in SL Army.

  5. Name: Maj Gen D A P N Dematanpitiya
    Topic: The impact of disarmament, Demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration process on sustainable peace in Sri Lanka.

  6. Name: Maj W M K M Wijayasundara
    Topic: Impact of automation on the improvement of productivity in the garment industry: Evidence from EMJAY associates – Theldeniya.

  7. Name: Mr J A S Kumar
    Topic: Analysis of the role of non-governmental humanitarian logistics organizations in disaster management in Sri Lanka case of disaster storm in May 2016.

  8. Name: Mr R S Jayasinghe
    Topic: Analysis of cargo transportation in main line Sri Lankan railway department.

  9. Name: Sqn Ldr P K Gamage
    Topic: A Transition towards a green logistics and transportation sector in Sri Lanka as captured through key performance indicators.

  10. Name: Ms R. A. Hasitha Dinithi Rupasinghe
    Topic: The impact of leanness on supply chain sustainability: examining the role of sustainability control systems.

  11. Name: Sqn Ldr J P A Kumara
    Topic: Enhancing the garbage collection and disposal mechanism of Kesbewa urban area.

  12. Name: Col P Wimalasiri
    Topic: Impact of sport participation by school children on academic performance in western province – Sri Lanka.

  13. Name: LCdr D K E D C Dassanayake
    Topic: Effect of celebrity endorsement on teenagers’ (generation-z) purchase decision making in Sri Lanka.

  14. Name: LCdr H Maningamuwa
    Topic: Impact of electronic word of mouth on purchase intention: with special reference newly introduced automobile brands in Sri Lanka.

  15. Name: Lt Col RADS Rajapaksha
    Topic: Impact of non-traditional security measures on custom clearance process in Colombo port.

  16. Name: Mr A N K Hewagama
    Topic: Impact of dimensions of centralization of procurement system on financial performance of ABC hospitals laboratory chain.

  17. Name: Mr N A A S Nettasinghe
    Topic: Study the bottlenecks in the supply chain ERP – System: A case study of the Govt. Hospitals in western provinces – Sri Lanka, for solutions with modern ICT tools & techniques.

  18. Name: Mr P.D. Sajith Greshan
    Topic: Role of Dambulla dedicated economic Centre in collection and distribution of vegetables in Sri Lanka.

  19. Name: Mrs R. A. Hasitha Dinithi Rupasinghe
    Topic: The impact of leanness on supply chain sustainability: examining the role of ustainability control systems.

  20. Name: Mrs S R B Refaie
    Topic: Factors affecting business failure of 3PL companies in Sri Lanka.

  21. Name: Sqn Ldr J M N S Atapattu
    Topic: A study on causes and effects of the shared service in procurement of diversified companies in Sri Lanka.

  22. Name: Mrs A.V. Bhagya
    Topic: A study on how to optimize customer satisfaction and retain existing customers at Mobil lubricant.

  23. Name: Mr Charaka Silva
    Topic: Green supply chain management practices and barriers of rubber processing industry in Sri Lanka.

  24. Name: Lt Col D A K Dissanayake
    Topic: An analysis of GPS tracking solutions for the light vehicles fleet allocated for administrative purposes in the Sri Lanka army.

  25. Name: Mr D. R. N. Thewarapperuma
    Topic: Root cause analysis: the failure in implementation plastic crates to transport fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka.

  26. Name: Mr D.J.S.R. Thilakarathne
    Topic: Analysis of the association between job satisfaction and the demographic factors of employees at ABC apparel (PVT) Ltd.

  27. Name: Mrs G.T Ruvini Tharanga Ruberu
    Topic: Evaluation and enhancing the performance of the grass-root groups involved in humanitarian logistics activities in Sri Lanka.

  28. Name: Mrs Gangabadage Devika Priyadarshani
    Topic: Formulation of strategies for the retention of customers of Work wear Lanka (PVT) Ltd.

  29. Name: Lt Col H D A N Hettige
    Topic: A study on factors influencing on the inventory control of technical stores in Sri Lanka electrical and mechanical engineers.

  30. Name: Mrs H.L.N.N. Nanayakkara
    Topic: The performance evaluation of development on container terminal for managing port congestion case study of Colombo port in Sri Lanka.

  31. Name: Mrs K A D R T Nanayakkara
    Topic: Analysis of the factors affecting the efficiency of warehouse operations at Fenton limited.

  32. Name: Mr Lokugamhewage Randika Reshan
    Topic: Examining the Tension between Organic Farmers and Primary Processors: The Role of Exporting Companies.

  33. Name: Major B M U B Basnayake
    Topic: Domestic women and their business success; evidence from women led informal home-based business in Ibbagamuwa divisional secretariat at Kurunegala district

  34. Name: Mrs N.D.N Nanayakkara
    Topic: Factors analysis on service quality and discrimination at department of road and motor vehicles (RMV) in Sri Lanka.

  35. Name: Maj R M S P Rathnayake
    Topic: Effect of employee engagement on organizational performance with reference to Sri Lanka transport board (SLTB).

  36. Name: Gp Cpt R M T Rajapaksha
    Topic: Utilization of three wheelers and motor cycles as a strategy to reduce short distance transportation cost of Sri Lanka air force base Vavuniya.

  37. Name: Mr S.M Gunasekara
    Topic: The impact of service quality on customer satisfaction with special reference to container transport industry, Sri Lanka.

  38. Name: Mrs W.M.R.Ushani Senavirathna
    Topic: The impact of personality traits on job satisfaction in logistics industry.
  1. Name: Mr A M M Shahabdeen
    Topic: Effective Implementation of Selected Provisions of Narcotics Law of Sri Lanka with Special Reference to Rehabilitation of Offended: An Appraisal.

  2. Name: Mr S W K Senadeera
    Topic: Nuclear Arms Control and International Law.

  3. Name: Mr A M N P Amerasinghe
    Topic: Effect and Effectiveness of Touchier Based Confessions in Sri Lanka.

  4. Name: Brig R P Rajapathirana
    Topic: Right to a Fair Trial in the Perspective of Sri Lanka Army Court Martial, a Comparative Analysis with the Military Laws of UK, USA and India.

  5. Name: Brig W P U Weerasinghe
    Topic: Military Justice System and Right to Appeal a Comparative Study of Law in Sri Lanka, USA, UK and India.

  6. Name: Ms S T M N Gunasinghe
    Topic: Witness Protection in Sri Lanka” (Proposed Witness Protection Bill-Weather It Reflects International Standards.

  7. Name: Lt Col J Waidyadasa
    Topic: Legal Issues on Land Rights in Conflict Affected Areas of Sri Lanka.

  8. Name: Col E S Jayasinghe
    Topic: Criminal Offences Committed by Army Forces: A Case Study of Sri Lanka Comparing India and US.

  9. Name: Ms E A P Devika
    Topic: Child Sexual Abuse and Commercial Sex Exploitation of Child in Sri Lanka.

  10. Name: Mr G A G I Silva
    Topic: Realizing the Right to Education Sri Lanka a Case Study.

  11. Name: Ms H M N S Upuldeniya
    Topic: Bankers Duty of Confidentiality to its Customers.

  12. Name: SSP W L A S Priyantha
    Topic: Introduction of Legal Enactment on Community Oriented Policing in Sri Lanka.

  13. Name: Mr W M S B Weerasooriya
    Topic: The Legal Impact of the Development Act No :46 of 2000, Towards the Rights of Land Owners and Tenant Cultivators.

  14. Name: Mr T M J Thennakoon
    Topic: Rule of Law and Good Governance Under the Executive Presidency.

  15. Name: Mr K W Wijesooriya
    Topic: Resolution of Commercial Disputes Effectively by Arbitration.

  16. Name: Maj H R J H Senanayake
    Topic: Analysis of Existing Laws with Regards to Freedom of Access to Information with Special Reference to Laws in the United States of America, The United Kingdom and India.

  17. Name: Maj S N Sandamalee
    Topic: An Overview of Sri Lankan Military Law” (Recommendation to the Army Act & Regulation for the Police Markers.

  18. Name: Ms P S Munasinghe
    Topic: Impact of Unfair Trade Practices on Free Trade with Special Reference to Developments in Sri Lanka.

  19. Name: Mr P H L Jayathilaka
    Topic: The Labour Tribunal as an Effective Mode of Resolution Under the Industrial Disputes Act.

  20. Name: Lt Col D H S M Weerapakrama
    Topic: Evaluation of Three Problem Areas in Bill of L aiding: A Practical Approach.

  21. Name: Mr N T Somirathne
    Topic: Introducing Divorce in Consent to General Marriage and Divorce Ordinance and Minimizing the Law Delays.

  22. Name: Mrs I M N K Ilanganthilaka
    Topic: Analysis of Problems of Implementing Registration of Title Act No 21 of 1988 and Suggestions for Reform.

  23. Name: Ms G A C Sajeevi
    Topic: Business Judgement Rule: A Defence for the Duty of Care, Skill and Diligenc in Sri Lanka.

  24. Name: Mr A U Liyanage
    Topic: Banker’s Duty of Confidentiality Versus Duty to Disclosure: A Critical Analysis on the Duty of Confidentiality with Special Reference to Banks in Sri Lanka.

  25. Name: Mr P D S M De Almeida
    Topic: Abolishing of Capital Punishment and Implementing Right to Life in Sri Lanka.

  26. Name: Mr V N P Senanayake
    Topic: Unconventional Sexual Orientation, And Alternate Sexual Expression and Gender Identities in Woman in Sri Lanka.

  27. Name: Ms M L T E Chandrasiri
    Topic: Cyber Terrorism with Special Reference to Sri Lanka.

  28. Name: Ms T V V Deshani
    Topic: Preventing Unauthorized Exports of Indigenous Herbs Through a Legal Frame Work.

  29. Name: Mr M U S D Amarasiri
    Topic: The Devolution of Power in the Past, Present and Recommendations for Future in Sri Lanka.

  30. Name: Maj L A R De Zoysa
    Topic: Reform of Legal Protection of Persons with Disabilities in Sri Lanka.

  31. Name: Ms N N Nishanadee
    Topic: Effectiveness of the Existing Laws and Regulations on Prevention of Card Frauds in Sri Lanka.

  32. Name: Ms H H N P Hewarathna
    Topic: Child Trafficking in Sri Lanka: Myths and the Facts.

  33. Name: Ms W N G Panditharatne
    Topic: Prevention of Unfair Recruitment Practices in Low Skilled Labour Migration: Critical Evaluation of Policy and Practices in Sri Lanka in Human Rights Perspective.

  34. Name: Ms Kushika Kumarasiri
    Topic: A Judicious Review of the Use of Judicial Discretion in Sentencing Uniform Sentencing Policy Framework for Sri Lanka; A Comparative Study.

  35. Name: Ms B K W M Thilakarathna
    Topic: Unconscionability as a New Concept for Sri Lankan Consumer Laws.

  36. Name: Ms W A S P Wijayalath
    Topic: Is there a need for the Introduction of Limited Liability Partnerships Law (LLPS) in Sri Lanka?

  37. Name: Lt Col N S Nallaperuma
    Topic: Constitutional Recognition of Implementing International Law in Domestic Contexts: A Comparative Study with Special Reference to Sri Lanka.

  38. Name: Ms W A P S Jayatunga
    Topic: Introducing of a Copyright Registration System in Sri Lanka: Prospectus and Challenges.

  39. Name: Maj A D Siriwardhana
    Topic: Rights of Women Against Sexual Violence in Non-International Armed Conflicts: with Reference to Violence Committed by Non State Actors.

  40. Name: Ms S T Perera
    Topic: How does the Doctrine of Strict Compliance Impact on the Letter of Credit Transactions?

  41. Name: Ms R M I K Ratnasinghe
    Topic: Consciousness on Environment: Liability of Multinational Corporations Established in Developing Countries.

  42. Name: Ms W A P Abeysinghe
    Topic: Balancing National Security and Human Rights in Case of Security Detention in Sri Lanka: A Critical Analysis.

  43. Name: Maj R D Uduwilaarachci
    Topic: Lack of Legal Protection for Sri Lanka Women Migrant Workers: Special Reference to Saudi Arabia.

  44. Name: Ms W M W Mendis
    Topic: A Study of the Domestic Legislation for Recognition and Enforcement Arbitral Awards in Sri Lanka within purview of the New York Convention.

  45. Name: Mr W R M A Wickramasinghe
    Topic: Legal Loopholes and Obstacles in Combating Corruption – Sri Lankan Perspective.

  46. Name: Mr G L L S Thilakarathna
    Topic: A Law Syllabus for Advanced Level Studies.

  47. Name: Mrs J A D Jayakody
    Topic: Impact of Exemption Clauses on the Freedom of Entering into Contract: Critical Study on Agreements to Sell.

  48. Name: LCdr L S Dissanayaka
    Topic: A Comparative Study on the Existing Court Martial Appeal System in Sri Lanka Navy with USA, UK and Indian Court Martial Appeal Systems.

  49. Name: Ms N K K Mudalige
    Topic: The rights to strike and labour relations in Sri Lanka: Challenges and Prospects.

  50. Name: Maj W M G D Iddawela
    Topic: Effectiveness of Prevailing Laws Against Sexual Harassment at Work Place in Sri Lanka.

  51. Name: Mr N V Karunathilaka
    Topic: Is the existing legislations adequate to combat arbitrary arrest and torture in Sri Lanka.

  52. Name: LCdr N D C J M Wickramasinghe
    Topic: The Navy’s Disciplinary Compass: Judicial Powers of the Commanding Officers and Rights of a Fair Trial of the Junior Sailors.

  53. Name: Mr A M Priyantha
    Topic: Parate Execution Is It a Boon to The Banks and Doom to The Customers? – The Way Forward.

  54. Name: Mrs D M N M Jayarathna
    Topic: Domestic Workers rights: A Critical Analysis of Labour Legislation in Sri Lanka.

  55. Name: Ms Y H Abeysundara
    Topic: Law delays in child abuse cases; the need for law reforms.

  56. Name: Mrs S R G U Priyabhashini
    Topic: Sri Lankan Legal Framework on Animal Welfare: Proposal for Law Reform.

  57. Name: Mrs K N T Dayarathna
    Topic: Liability of Manufactures for Injuries Caused by Defective Pharmaceutical Drugs: Examining the Context in Sri Lanka.

  58. Name: Capt P S P Nanayakkara
    Topic: Lack of Legal Protection Against Cybercrimes in Sri Lanka: A Comparative Analysis with USA.

  59. Name: Ms S M A G Senevirathne
    Topic: Laws Delays, Procedural Justice and the Legal Profession in Sri Lanka: The Nexus.

  60. Name: Ms Indra Baduge A B I I
    Topic: The Universal Right to free and Compulsory Education and the Sustaining Issue of School Dropout or Early School Leaving in Sri Lanka.

  61. Name: Ms P K I D Gunawardana
    Topic: Cyber Crimes against Women in Sri Lanka: A Case for the Necessity of Drafting New Laws.

  62. Name: Mrs J D Kahawevithana
    Topic: Time Delays in Arbitration Proceedings conducted under the provisions of the Arbitration Act.No.11 of 1995.

  63. Name: Ms M D S Perera
    Topic: Law Relating to Abortion in Sri Lanka: A Women’s Rights Perspective.

  64. Name: Mr E M N S M Ms Ekanayake
    Topic: People Friendly Laws in Sri Lanka Through Post Legislative Scrutiny: A Case Study.

  65. Name: Mrs M A Gunawardana
    Topic: A Critical Analysis of the Necessity of Having Professional Journalism Standards in Sri Lanka.

  66. Name: Mr B Kumarasinghe
    Topic: Adequacy and Effectiveness of the Laws Relating to Regulation and Supervision of Finance Companies in Sri Lanka: A Case Study.

  67. Name: Ms K M G S M K Kulathunge
    Topic: Right to Information Act and Its’ Implementation in Sri Lanka.

  68. Name: Mr N T Hemantha Pushpakumara
    Topic: Re Implementation of capital Punishment for Murder: Is it Justifiable.

  69. Name: Mr I A P Wijewardane
    Topic: Protection of the Rights of the Credit Card Holders in Sri Lanka: Through the Lenses of United Kingdom, United States and Singapore Legal Regimes.

  70. Name: Mr K A D C Ekanayaka
    Topic: Critical Evaluation on the Concept of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing: Special Reference to Sri Lanka.

  71. Name: Mr H D D J Premarathne
    Topic: Need of Preventing and Minimizing Environmental Hazards Arising from GEM Mining in Sri Lankan Context: Examining the Legal Provisions.

  72. Name: Mr W M R V K Wasala
    Topic: Legislative Flaws in Organ Transplantation: A Critical Analysis of Transplantation of Human Tissues Act, No 48 of 1987 of Sri Lanka.

  73. Name: Ms W U C C Herath
    Topic: Adequacy of Legal Framework Governing the Issues of Juvenile Offenders: A Proposal for a Separate Law.

  74. Name: Ms S R C K B Marasinghe
    Topic: Strengthening the Powers of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in Regulating Banks and Other Financial Institutions: Suggestions for Law Reform.

  75. Name: Mr A D P Bandara
    Topic: The Effect of Diplomatic Immunity and Privileges on Labour Disputes in Sri Lanka: In Search of Law Reforms.

  76. Name: Mr H S Ponnamperuma
    Topic: The Delictual Liability of State Under Arrest and Detention.

  77. Name: Mr H M A Jayantha Kumara
    Topic: Enforcement of the Legal Provisions in the Employees Trust Fund (ETF) Act Towards Social Security of Labour in Sri Lanka; Prospects and Challenges.

  78. Name: Ms B A K S Balachandra
    Topic: Law Reforms On Solid Waste Mangement in Sri Lanka (Promote Recyclable Waste Separation at Source Towards Zero Landfill of Waste) A with Comparative Analysis.

  79. Name: Mr K G D M P P Karandagolla
    Topic: The Debt Recovery Laws of Sri Lakeland Procedural Delays in Debt Recovery How It Affects the Micro Finance Industry in Sri Lanka.

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